Southside Family Nurturing Center

Southside Community

Our Families

SSFNC serves approximately 30 families with 50-55 children each year in the Phillips community of South Minneapolis. The following characteristics describe the families we served in 2016:

  • 100% of our families are at risk for child abuse and neglect, while 95% are at the highest risk, based on factors outlined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • 100% of our families are families of color
    • 41% are Latino
    • 34% are Native American
    • 10% are African American
    • 8% are Multi-racial
    • 7% are African
  • 97% of our families are living below the Federal Poverty Level
  • Many parents referred to SSFNC exhibit severe, complex emotional and social problems, including depression, chemical dependence, family violence, developmental delays, and the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome
  • 75-85% of the children we serve demonstrate mild to moderate developmental delays in speech and language skills, fine and gross motor coordination, and problem-solving skills
  • Approximately 50% of our clients have limited English language skills
  • Single parents head approximately 40% of our families' households
  • Many of our families also struggle with mental illness, unstable or unsafe housing, chemical dependency, family violence, isolation, and many other stressors.